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FPK Vol. 5, 2021/9, Okt 23, 16 pages ♦  pdf-Produkt-Nr.  FPK-2021-9  ♦  ISSN 2698-6140


Sabine Riedel


Catalan separatism poses major challenges for European policy. This is because the regional government’s striving for statehood contradicts the goals of European integration for various reasons. It sows disputes between EU member states over national borders and promotes tensions between the nation states and the supranational EU institutions. This article deals with the motives of the various Catalan parties, their strategies and possible consequences for European policy. These relate to the debt of the eurozone as well as future EU reforms.


  • Einleitung 
  • Motive und Argumente des katalanischen Separatismus
  • Die begrenzte Reichweite der separatistischen Bewegung auf EU-Ebene
  • Entwicklungen unter dem katalanischen Präsidenten Quim Torra (2018 – 2021)
  • Entwicklungen des Katalonien-Konflikts seit 2018 auf europäischer Ebene
  • Perspektiven für eine Lösung des Katalonien-Konflikts
  • Kataloniens Perspektiven innerhalb der Europäischen Union

The 16 pages include:
Analysis, summary, 8 figures and excerpts, 52 references (linked). Read more: Introduction /excerpts and the original text: