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On this website CPI • CULTUREPOLITICS.INTERNATIONAL you will find analyses on topics of political culture research. I would like to share with you my expertise in political science (Habilitation) as well as my expertise in social and cultural sciences (PhD in Slavic and Islamic studies) and my 30 years of professional experience in political consulting (research institutes). My regional focus is on Europe (European Union, Eastern Europe, Balkans) and the neighbouring states in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). On this basis, I address current issues in international politics and political philosophy.

This website offers various knowledge formats: In the section TOPICS IN FOCUS I examine  current topics from different perspectives. This includes scientific theories and methods as well as contemporary historical backgrounds, cultural-political and social contexts, global order and power structures and questions about the ethical relevance of political action. Science demands clear theoretical approaches, clearly defined terms, comprehensible argumentation and disclosure of the sources used. The DOKUMENTATION section on selected focus topics serves this purpose. You can use these knowledge formats to form your own opinion independently of me and other experts.

I publish detailed analyses of the TOPICS IN FOCUS in the scientific online journal FORSCHUNGSHORIZONTE POLITIK & KULTURFPK/CPICULTURE POLITICS INTERNATIONAL, which I founded in 2017. It offers translations into English, and thematically also into Russian and Arabic, among others. Excerpts of the articles of the JOURNAL are available free of charge. The full version is available for download as a pdf document in the ARTICLE SHOP. In the PUBLICATIONS section, I provide insights into my publishing activities of the last few years outside this website and link the articles to the respective publishers. My priorities at the moment, however, are the development of my online journal.

Finally, a word about my understanding of science. This includes technical competence and professional experience as well as an ethical responsibility towards the knowledge products created. According to this, open societies can solve conflicts and end wars with a fair competition of theoretical models and social ideas. Those who deny these potentials usually argue from self-interest. The prerequisite for a science oriented towards the well-being of mankind is the will and the commitment to the renunciation of violence, international understanding, peace and humanism. With this website, I would like to make a contribution to this.

Habilitated political scientist & doctor of Slavic and Islamic with residence in Berlin, Germany.

Since 2017: Founder and editor of the scientific Online Journal:


DOKU: VICTIMS IN UKRAINE WAR 15.05.2024 (Sources and links):

Ukrainian soldiers
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