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FPK Vol. 7, 2023/1, Feb 27, 46 pages ♦  pdf-Produkt-Nr.  FPK-2023-1  ♦  ISSN 2698-6140


Sabine Riedel

In the Ukraine war, NPPs are becoming tactical nuclear arms. Since July 2022, the Ukrainian NPP Zaporizhzhya, occupied by Russia, has been continuously shelled. Ukraine justified its attempts to retake it by force. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) withheld critical information about this and thus allowed Kiev to have its way, as did the supporting NATO member states. This article documents the situation until the end of 2022. 


  • History of the Zaporizhzhya NPP
  • Ukrainian Energy and Nuclear Policy
  • Ukrainian-Russian War around the NPP
  • Global information War over the NPP
  • Zaporizhzhya NPP as Tactical Nuclear Arms
  • What to do? – Renouncing Nuclear Weapons

The 46 pages include: Documentation with 24 figures and references (linked) with quotations Read more: Introduction / excerpts  and translation: