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FPK Vol. 6, 2022/8, Sept 1, 28 pages  ♦  pdf-Produkt-Nr.  FPK-2022-8  ♦  ISSN 2698-6140


Sabine Riedel

Ukraine is not only a victim of Russian aggression. She shares responsibility for the outbreak and further course of the war. This analysis sheds light on the background, connections and the interests of the conflict parties. One conclusion is that only greater realism in international politics can end this war. The idealistic approach has exhausted itself because it justifies a defensive war that cannot be won militarily.


  • UN-Resolution: Russia violates international law
  • Russia’s Threats Perseptions
  • US Violations of international law
  • NATO’s Eastern enlargement
  • Ukraine questions renunciation of nuclear weapons
  • No promise of EU membership
  • Germany could help end the war

The 28 pages include: Analysis, summary, 12 figures and excerpts, 230 references (linked). Read more: Introduction / excerpts and translation: