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In this section of my website, I take up current topics from European politics and international relations and examine them from a academic perspective. Different approaches and theories from the social sciences and humanities are discussed, especially from political culture research. They offer both experts and interested readers guidance in their own understanding of the social background to current political events. The pointed theses are intended to stimulate the discourse.

Anyone who does not want to be drowned in digitalisation with an ever-growing flood of information should improve their media competence. This includes not only an understanding of contexts and interactions of events, but also questioning one’s own knowledge and research horizon. Our open societies in Europe still offer enough space for questioning common narratives that spread opinions instead of opening perspectives and horizons. Behind the theses offered here are in most cases more detailed professional articles for further reading. 

Every scientific analysis, even if it strives for objectivity, contains subjective elements. This is because findings presuppose above all experiences and thus processed knowledge, which always remains linked to personalities. The trend towards the establishment of research teams and research alliances will not change this. For a scientific achievement, even in cooperation with other researchers, is always made by single individuals. They alone can vouch for the quality of their work. That is why I advertise on my own behalf and link to all publications from which my expertise emerges.